Extra-Curricular Courses

PAS. Corsi pomeridiani

“We believe that the school environment should be experienced beyond school hours. Our students should be able to find a safe space to study, engage in sports, have new experiences, and express their talents. They should also have the opportunity to relax and socialize with each other without the mediation of a teacher. Many of the courses offered are also open to external students.“

Study Hall

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, students can stay at school from 2:20 pm to 5:00 pm and engage in study/homework activities in a dedicated space, with a school teacher available to assist them. We have always believed in the value of cooperative learning and consider it a valuable time for discussion and support, as well as for establishing a regular study routine.

Sport and Swimming Pool
We dedicate Friday afternoons to swimming and water sports together with our PE teacher while on Tuesday we play Paddle.
Lessons are also open to external students.

Dance and acting courses
We offer dance and acting courses organized by a partner school, ArteDanza, directed by teacher Caterina Colombini who is also our theater teacher for middle school students.
Lessons are also open to external students.

Drum course
Thanks to the collaboration with an internationally renowned teacher and artist, it is possible to take part in individual drum lessons. Lessons are also open to external students.
The lessons are held in English

Piano Course
Our Music teacher is also a piano teacher. Individual lessons will take place in the afternoon, beyond the regular school hours, and are open to external students as well.

Guitar Course
Thanks to collaboration with an excellent teacher, it is possible to participate in individual guitar lessons. These lessons are also open to external students.


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