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Investing in your child's education is certainly an investment with the highest return (ROI). Scuola Internazionale di Pavia is an enterprise running a private school, we are entitled to gather benefits. With the introduction of the school bonus, the legislature has clarified in detail, the opportunities available for tax deduction.

School bonus 2024

School bonus, the Good School: what is it? The School Bonus 2016 is a benefit provided by the L.D. La Buona Scuola (The Good School), Law 107/2015 "National Education and Training System Reform" published in the Official Gazette of the 15th of July last. This new tax benefit allows taxpayers who make free donations to the school for building new schools, upgrading or maintain existing ones, to obtain a tax rebate in the form of tax credit. These taxpayers, are entitled to a tax credit of 65% for free cash donations in 2016, and of 50% for those that will be made in 2017.

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