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Enrolments are open for the next school year. It is possible to enrol a student during the school year in progress, up to March 15 of the subsequent year, after ascertaining the student's current level of studies.
It is also possible to attend an extended educational course with the school teachers, as a parallel learning path to recoup any formative gaps with respect to the program already completed in the classroom.
For enrolment enquiries, you can make an appointment with the school office.

Procedure of enrolment

Upon initial enquiry, information regarding the school will be forwarded to the perspective family according to the area of interest. The Cambridge Program Coordinator is available to meet and discuss the Cambridge program in further detail. Enrolment is subject to approval by both the school and the family and their approval of the three-year training offer plan. The student may be subject to previous plan of study analysis, and an entry examination.

Enrolments are given preference in the following manner:

  • Siblings already attending the International School of Pavia;
  • Transferring from another bilingual or international school;
  • Special circumstances (family or other).

  • The school admission officer will confirm the enrolment and the student is, consequently, included in a mailing list to which all the relevant school information is e-mailed.


    The school manager and the headmaster of the high school or the middle school will take care of verifying the level of knowledge of foreign languages as well as the student's cultural knowledge.
    This analysis will enable the students (supported by the teachers) to develop a student development program so that they can easily enter the required class and easily follow the lessons held directly in a foreign language.
    For students enrolled in the first class of both first and second grade secondary schools, a pre-English language course is recommended.

    Other information

    All requests for information will be forwarded and your email addresses will remain (unless explicitly requested by the families) within a mailing list so that they can be used to promote all the initiatives undertaken by the school.

    It's time to enrol!

    The completed form is to be delivered to the school secretariat or sent by email to segreteria@scuolainternazionalepv.it Enrolment is open for the following school year, until all places have been confirmed. It is possible to enrol for the current school year until 15th March, after assessing the student’s suitability to assimilate into current classes. It is also possible to follow a concurrent educational path with teachers to ensure all educational requirements and needs of the student are met. For further enrolment enquiries please contact the office.

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