The Right Choice!

La scelta giusta

The Right Choice!

One of the more difficult moments in a child live is between the ages of ten and thirteen years old.

When the family needs to make an informed choice on their child's future, starting with the school they will attend. Choosing the right high school is the most important decision, and you take the time required to ensure the decision is the right one for the child. It is always difficult to know the right choice to make, and you will never be 100% sure that you have made the right decision. Do you follow the child's interests, his attitudes, professor's advice, market projections, employment opportunities, friendships, or proximity to the school?
- First, listen to the children's dreams, their passions, their goals.
- Secondly, listen to the advice of the professors.
- Finally, and most importantly, you must forget the wishes of others and pursue the child's dreams, passions and interests.

Our Open Days, with the addition of the "Learning Week" provide future SIPSCHOOL students the ability to attend regular lessons alongside current students, so they can experience the environment, and the spirit of the school that allows them to unleash their potential. Unleash your potential means getting involved, studying and working under a team that has a common goal: educating adults of the future to become free thinkers of the world.

So, how do you select the right school?

Parents should ask the questions, does the school know how to recognise and certify skills and abilities; Does the school respect the "vocations", Do they educate themselves to generosity and not just to individual success; Does the school ensure serenity in school time; Do they recognise and appreciate talents, privilege fundamental knowledge, without doing too much or too little; do they embrace passion through curiosity and study. For all these questions, ask the students, the families and the professors of the school you wish your child to attend, this will be your best indicator.

We are waiting for you!
Aris Giuseppe Ippolito, Director