Fees and benefits

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Fees and benefits


Attending a private school involves the payment of an additional contribution towards the management expenses. A schedule of tuition fees for the 2017/2018 school year can be found here.


Some benefits are provided:

Tax Deductibility
Law 107/2015 provides for the deduction of expenses incurred for school attendance, even in case of a private school, for an amount per pupil or student, determined annually (Law 107/2015, Article 1 paragraph 151). The parent can thus deduct from the taxes owed to the State starting from the tax year 2015. A massive use of the new deduction can also aid the request for a significant enhancement of the subsidy.

School Voucher
The Lombardy Region continues to provide a contribution to families in accordance with the family ISEE through the School Voucher. A Regional announcement is published every year to present the application directly to the Region.

Dual Enrolment
In case of families with double or triple enrolment to the same type of school, additional benefits are provided.

Corporate Welfare and Flexible Benefit
We have also initiated a corporate welfare program for some companies and organizations in Lombardy.
A detailed economic profile of the school can be obtained from the school administration. Please contact the office if you require more information.

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