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It’s a bilingual, state-recognised, private School, according to ministerial decree no. 241 of 26-06-2012, in addition to being a Cambridge International School (IT723).
Classes are held in both Italian and English, and Spanish, German or Chinese are taught as foreign languages.
The following chart compares the hours of teaching in Italian to those in foreign languages.

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Our key features:
• European School;
• Bilingual school (subjects taught in both Italian and English);
• Spanish, German and Chinese as a second foreign language (optional choice);
• Scientific subjects taught in English;
• Coding and Maths;
• Cambridge Curriculum;
• Drama – Theatre activities;
• Stimulating curriculum, rich in innovative activities and initiatives;
• Engaging and attentive to the needs of teenagers;
• All-encompassing education, embracing students to become free thinkers;
• Proactive, progressive learning, always evolving;
• Collaborative with families;
• Counselling service available for families and students.

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Didactic objectives

Teaching objectives are connected to English international certifications; German and Spanish certifications are optional.
Secondary school plays a decisive role in the education of young teenagers.
It should follow the transformation of students, who are still children at the end of primary school, into aware and responsible adolescents.
Children, who would listen to everything they were told in primary school, are now teenagers who constantly question what is proposed to them, demanding explanations.
Schools must not disregard this need to be curious, but embrace and mould it, giving it purpose and meaning.
Schools must encourage the development of passionate reasoning, the capacity to know and attest the sense of things, urging all to use their freedom and initiative.
A school that pays attention to the growth of the individual must have an extremely flexible educational and organisational setting.

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The subjects follow both the Italian and the British curriculum.

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At the end of the middle school students can choose to continue their education attending one of our high schools.

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Students are entitled to:

• Time for personal study.
• A timetable that allows the student to reflect on the topics discussed in class and make them their own;
• A timetable that enables internalising the subject matter through repetition, practice and re-working of the contents;
• An OPEN SCHOOL that ensures the presence, during the afternoon time slots, of teachers who are ready to assist students with the re-working, recovery and expansion of the subject matter.
• Meals: Children will have lunch at school with their teachers, and dietary requirements can be met for certified reasons;
• Workshops for detailed study and consolidation are optional (study-hall).

Our typical day is structured as follows:

MS Secondaria bilingue


Our young Sipers obtain the Italian and English diploma. Last year they scored above the international average. Well done!

MS Secondaria bilingue

Experiences abroad

Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and make up part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in at least two experiences abroad visiting partner schools.

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