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It is not important how many times you fall, but how many times you fall and get back up again.

The Sports section of the middle school includes a sports course with an additional number of hours of lessons.
From an educational point of view, the school path will always be bilingual but it will be possible to experience different sports and disciplines throughout the three school years.
The following graph compares the teaching hours in Italian with respect to foreign languages and the sports practiced.

MS Secondaria sportiva


Our main characteristics are:
• Bilingualism: Italian and English
• 4 hours of sports per week
• Spanish, German, and Chinese as additional curricular choices; alternatively, additional sports disciplines
• Scientific subjects taught in English
• STEM laboratory activities
• Coding and Maths
• British curriculum for the English language
• Drama – theatrical activities
• Stimulating curriculum due to its richness in activities and initiatives
• Engaging and attentive to the needs of the students
• Goes beyond mere instruction, offering the opportunity for personal growth and fostering independent thinking
• Up-to-date and open to continuous updates
• Collaborative with families
• Emotional education workshop as an alternative to Religious Education

MS Secondaria sportiva

Didactic objectives

The educational objectives pertain to the skills acquired in both subjects studied in English and Italian, in along with the additional languages chosen at the beginning of the academic cycle.

Our school aims to foster the development of passions within reason, as the ability to understand and affirm the meaning of things, encouraging everyone to deploy freedom and initiative. A school attentive to individual growth must have an extremely flexible educational and organizational approach.

Furthermore, the sports section will allow for the practice of new sports and disciplines, along with following an educational path tied to sportsmanship and fair play.

MS Secondaria sportiva


The subjects follow the same Italian and British curriculum

MS Secondaria sportiva


At the end of the academic journey, it is possible to continue at our school by choosing either to pursue the international curriculum or the scientific sports-oriented high school pathway

MS Secondaria sportiva


Students are entitled to:
• Time for personal study;
• A timetable that allows the student to reflect on the topics discussed in class and make them their own;
• A timetable that enables internalising the subject matter through repetition, practice and re-working of the contents;
• An OPEN SCHOOL that ensures the presence, during the afternoon time slots, of teachers who are ready to assist students with the re-working, recovery and expansion of the subject matter;
• Meals: Children will have lunch at school with their teachers, and dietary requirements can be met for certified reasons;
• Workshops for detailed study and consolidation are optional (study-hall).

Our typical day is structured as follows:

MS Secondaria sportiva


Our young Sipers obtain the Italian and English diploma. Last year they scored above the international average. Well done!

MS Secondaria sportiva

Experiences abroad

Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and make up part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in at least two experiences abroad visiting partner schools.

MS Secondaria sportiva


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