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Make Mistakes! Penicillin was discovered by accident. Don't be afraid to experiment.

The Biomedical curriculum complements the scientific high school path and represents the only opportunity available in the provincial area that allows students to obtain a passport for success in both Italian and foreign universities, with a specific focus on faculties such as Medicine, Biology, Bioengineering, and scientific-healthcare fields.

Students can choose to undertake the Biomedical program entirely in English. Alternatively, they may continue with the regular high school path.

The following graph compares teaching hours in Italian with teaching hours in English.

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Here are our fundamental characteristics:

- Scientific and humanistic subjects taught in English (for IGCSE)
- Attainment of 7 IGCSE certificates
- As & A-Level in linguistic and scientific subjects
- Counseling service for students and families
- Attainment of AICE diploma
- Collaboration between students and teachers
- Cultural and linguistic exchanges abroad
- Networking with Italian and foreign universities
- Digital innovation
- Emotional education laboratory as an alternative to Religion.

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Didactic objectives

The educational objectives focus on the international certifications of the curricular languages studied. Other exams are related to the Cambridge curriculum and are tied to subjects studied in English.

- The IGCSE certificates (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) are internationally recognized and equivalent to the British GCSEs obtained at the end of compulsory education, at the age of 16. Preparation courses for IGCSEs begin in the first year of high school and are related to the proposed disciplines. Students enrolling in our Scientific High School, with the addition of the international program, attend preparation courses aimed at obtaining the Cambridge IGCSE between May/June of the 2nd year and November of the 3rd year.

- Achieving good results in the IGCSEs is a fundamental prerequisite for continuing the educational path to As&A Levels.

DIPLOMA AICE (As & A-levels):
- Students who pass the IGCSE exams can continue their studies with the aim of taking the As & A-level exams.
- In the second biennium, students following the BIOMEDICAL curriculum, deemed suitable, will take exams in curricular subjects such as English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics. With the addition of the As level in Global Perspectives and the As & A Level in History, they will achieve the AICE diploma or have the opportunity to obtain 3 As & A-levels.

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The subjects follow the same Italian and British curriculum.

Optional As&A-levels
If a student wants to attend courses for the preparation of additional As&A Levels our school is willing to consider the request.

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At the end of the international program (at the end of the fourth year of high school), students will have the opportunity to continue their studies at universities that recognize AS & A Levels as direct access qualifications for enrollment (e.g., Italy, England, America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and many other countries). This is achieved by successfully completing exams related to subjects studied in English in accordance with the Cambridge International Curriculum. Additionally, students can conclude the equivalent Italian educational path by taking the scientific maturity exam.

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Some of the laboratory and teaching activities in the three-year Science program will be carried out in collaboration with the Order of Physicians, Surgeons, and Dentists, as well as with primary hospital facilities in the area. Our typical day is structured as follows:

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We are a Cambridge school, and the AS&A level exams take place within our institution. Students will undergo the exams for the AICE diploma by the fourth year.

Students have the option to also take the Italian maturity exam, and since we are a private school, the state exam takes place internally. With the state diploma issued by the Scientific High School of the International School of Pavia, students can access all university faculties. Thanks to the courses taken in English during the school cycle, there will be enhanced mathematical and scientific skills in both English and Italian.

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Experiences abroad

Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and make up part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in at least two experiences abroad visiting partner schools.

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