Study Vacations Abroad

Vacanze studio all'estero

Study Vacations Abroad

Study Vacations constitute the most classical and flexible course formula: General language lessons in study groups, of students belonging to different nationalities but having the same linguistic level. They are available throughout the year for a minimum duration of 2 weeks; a general course aims at a balanced consolidation of the four basic language skills at varied intensity (between 15 to 30 lessons in a week). The study groups, which are strictly international, are formed of an average of 8-10 students (with a maximum of 15 students in the summer months). The average age is generally 16-25 years; however, it varies depending on the time and destination - during summer the minimum age for admission is often 11 years.
A cultural and recreational program is proposed upon completion of the classroom lessons.

Program for Children aged between 11-17 years

English Camp World (Staffordshire - UK) Summer Learn to love English and England

Join us in the beautiful heart of England for an extra-special holiday experience. English Camp World is now open for students aged 11 - 17 from all over Europe. Make new friends, improve your English and enjoy an exciting program of excursions and entertainment.
Camp price per student £ 1400

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Program for Adults and teenagers from 16 years (Cambridge - UK)

Cambridge Language Courses

We have three types of courses open for students:
  - Standard Course
  - Standard Plus Course
  - English for Professionals
Price start from £ 460 for 15 hours for a standard course without accommodation.

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Program for teenagers from 14 years (Cologne Germany)

German language course in Germany. Together with our School partners, a catalogue of courses will be offered next summer. Our students will also have the opportunity to enjoy a mutual exchange experience throughout the school year.

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With the school

German language courses in Germany are available through the Goethe-Institut of which we are an approved school and centre in Pavia.

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