High School of Sport and Science

It is not how many times you fall, but how many times you fall and rise.

Liceo scientifico sportivo

High School of Sport and Science

The High School of Sports and Science will open in the 2019/2020 school year and will follow the educational project of the De Amicis Institute in Milan that is undoubtedly a reference point in the cultural and human formation of the city of Milan. The educational project revolves around athletes or pupils who wish to cultivate their passion for sports in a school with adequate equipment and teachers of great professionalism and experience. The study of curriculum materials blends with the International Cambridge standard and will allow students to achieve IGCSE in subjects such as Physical Education. The chart below compares the hours of instruction in Italian compared to foreign languages

Liceo scientifico sportivo


Our key features:

  •  Attention to the needs of students
  •  Scientific and Humanities subjects taught in the English language
  •  IGCSE Science Coordinated Laboratory that includes the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  •  IGCSE for Physical Education
  •  International certification of language skills (FCE and CAE)
  •  Theatre and Drama (English)
  •  Social Interest and Psychological service
  •  Student-teacher sharing of the "workload"
  •  Cultural and linguistic exchanges abroad
  •  Synergy and collaboration with families
  •  Tablet and digital innovation.

  • Didactic objectives

    The didactic objectives are centered around the international certification of the curriculum languages studied. Other examinations concern the Cambridge curriculum and are related to subjects studied in English.
    Liceo scientifico sportivo

    Didactic objectives


    Liceo scientifico sportivo



    Our typical day is structured in the following manner:
    Liceo scientifico sportivo


    Experiences Abroad

    Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and form part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in least two experiences abroad at partner schools.
    Liceo internazionale

    Esperiences Abroad

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