Linguistic High School (specialising in Modern Languages)

"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own" - J.W. Goethe

Liceo linguistico

Linguistic High School

Our High School specialising in Modern Languages has been awarded the status of Paritaria High School with ministerial decree n.639 of 28-06-2016. Our linguistic high school is a school of curiosity for other cultures: the study of three foreign languages for five years provides for a rich knowledge in studied languages, as well as allowing students to acquire communication skills in community and non-EU languages. Students gain an in-depth understanding, even in a comparative manner, the culture of near and far communities, to overcome prejudices and stereotypes. Our language studies use native speakers to accompany foreign language teachers. Compared to the International option, the workload is different but allows the students to attend courses for the International Cambridge Program, such as Science Coordinated, to achieve scientific competencies in Italian and English other than those provided by the institutional curriculum. The chart below compares the hours of instruction in Italian compared to foreign languages.

Liceo linguistico

Il grafico che precede mette a confronto le ore di docenza in lingua italiana rispetto alle lingue straniere.


Our key features:

  •  Aware of student needs;
  •  Scientific and humanities subjects taught directly in English;
  •  IGCSE Science Coordinated Laboratory that includes the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology;
  •  Curricular languages are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Russian;
  •  Theater and dramatisation (in English) in the first two years;
  •  Prosociality and Psychological Service;
  •  Student-teacher sharing of "workload";
  •  Cultural and linguistic exchanges abroad;
  •  International certification of language skills;
  •  Sinergy and collaboration with families;
  •  Tablet and Digital Innovation.

  • Didactic objectives

    The didactic objectives are centered around the international certification of the curriculum languages studied. Other examinations concern the Cambridge curriculum and are related to subjects studied in English
    Liceo linguistico

    Obiettivi didattici


    The students can participate in the courses of Maths, Science Coordinated or Global Perspectives of the international high school classes and continue their studies aimed at achieving Italian maturity.
    Liceo internazionale



    Our typical day is structured in the following manner:

    Liceo linguistico


    Expereinces Abroad

    Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and form part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in least two experiences abroad at partner schools.
    Liceo internazionale

    Expereinces Abroad

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