International High School (focus Biology and Applied Sciences)

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International High School (focus Biology and Applied Sciences)

The International High School (focus Biology and Applied Sciences) is inspired by the "Biology with Bio medics" pathway course currently offered in Scientific High Schools, with the option of applied sciences. ISP is the only school in Pavia that can offer a passport for success in Italian and foreign universities with orientation to the Faculty of Medicine, Biology, Bioengineering and science and health faculties.
Following the double curriculum (Italian and English) allows students to continue their university studies in England, United States or other counties because they will have sat examinations of IGCSE subjects (studied in English) and A-Levels in Science (in English).

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The graph before compares the teaching hours in Italian compared to teaching hours in English.


Our key features:

  •  Attention to the needs of students
  •  Scientific and humanities subjects taught in the English Language (IGCSE)
  •  7 IGCSE and 2 A-level final achievement
  •  Curricular languages are: Italian and English
  •  Theatre and English drama
  •  Pro-Sociality and Psychological service
  •  Student-teacher sharing of the "workload"
  •  Cultural and linguistic exchanges abroad
  •  International certification of language skills
  •  Synergy and collaboration with families
  •  Optional German lab.

  • Didactic objectives

    The didactic objectives are centered around the international certification of the curriculum languages studied. Other examinations concern the Cambridge curriculum and are related to subjects studied in English
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    Didactic objectives


    IGCSE certificate - International General Certificate of Secondary Education - is internationally recognised: it is the equivalent to the British GCSE that students obtain at the end of their compulsory education, at 16 years. The IGCSE courses are started at the first year of High School and are related to the proposed disciplines. Students who enrol in our International High School attend the courses to achieve the Cambridge IGCSE certification which have the following time schedule:
    Between November of the third year of High School and June/November of the fourth-year students will sit the following examinations:
  •  Mathematics - Extended;
  •  Science Coordinated (Physics, Chemistry and Biology counts as two subjects);
  •  History;
  •  English as a Second Language;
  •  ICT.

  • Students who complete all seven IGCSE subjects will qualify for an International Certificate of General Education (the equivalent minimum leaving GCSE certificate in the UK). Attaining good results in the IGCSE are an important pre-requisite when looking to complete your further studies abroad. Students can enrich their learning with optional IGCSEs in Drama and in a foreign language.

    CAMBRIDGE A-level

    If students obtain all seven IGCSE they will undertake a preparation to obtain not only the A-level for English and Literature, but also the A-level in Science.


    Our typical day is structured in the following manner:
    Liceo Scientifico biologico


    Esperiences abroad

    Educational trips have a strong didactic and educational importance and form part of the annual programming. Each year, students are involved in least two experiences abroad at partner schools.
    Liceo Scientifico biologico

    Esperiences abroad


    During the first three years, many teaching activities and workshops will be carried out in cooperation not only with the state medical board, the Order of Surgeons and Dentists, but also health facilities of the territory.


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