Extra-Curricular Activities

Sport e poll - Study Hall - Glee club & Zumba club - Summer school

Every year we offer extra-curricular activities to further enhance our program:

Attività extracurricolari

Sport e poll - Study Hall - Glee club & Zumba club - Summer school

Sport and Pool

Friday afternoons are dedicated to swimming and sport acquisition, programmed by our experienced physical education teacher.

Study Hall

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, high school Students can remain after school and carry out study/assignments, in the presence of a school teacher who is there to support their learning. We believe in the value of cooperative learning and encourage students to use this valuable time to ask questions, seek guidance and create a regular study routine.

Danza & Sport

We offer afternoon and evening courses for teenagers and adults:
  • Modern Dance  
  • Classical Ballet  
  • Yoga  
  • PBT  
  • Singing  
  • Group Dances  

  • Summer School

    Spend your summer with us ...

    A rich summer full of games, sports and leisure activities aimed at improving English skills.
    The activities are held either at our premises or at outdoor sports centres.

    We cater for pre-teens and teens:

  •  11 to 18 years

  • The activities vary according to age and interests, ranging from studies to sports activities, role playing games to excursions in city parks, swimming to outdoor activities.
    Each group has a native speaking teacher in addition to a team leader.

    It is also possible to organise tutoring courses for subject remediation. .. and have fun learning!!


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